Kind of like the A-team but without the van

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“When there’s no stranger in the room, the truth comes out.” That is the motto of Hatch.

What’s Hatch, you ask?

Hatch is a new approach to consumer research combining two simple techniques: online community studies and in-person discussions.  We use new tech and old-fashioned personal connection to provide companies with what they need to know now.

We have a handful (make that two handfuls) of Hatch projects under our belt and we can’t wait to do more. Over the last couple of years we’ve been cultivating relationships with responsive and articulate consumers. We believe in going beyond the average two hour focus group and engaging our participants on a personal level. We help our participants feel vested. They’re not just part of a quick research study; they are on a brand journey.We customize each Hatch to the current need of each client using tools such as online studies, mobile journaling, dinner discussions and what we like to call web-cam quick dives. These tools and our ongoing relationships with the Hatch participants allow us to gain deeper insight than we could using the old, worn out focus group.

We’re kind of like the A-Team but without the van. A dynamo of diversity and skill. Whatever you need, on the continent where you need it.  So keep your eyes peeled for us and if you have a business or brand question you need dimensionalized, let us know.  A Hatch just might be right for you.

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