Real Unbiased News Just Like Back Home

Was just going through the photos from my recent trip to China last month and aside from the entertaining and super realistic soaps, I can never get enough foreign media and news coverage. Especially when it is government controlled. Do the below images from CCTV news feel eerily familiar? I won’t say too much more because I do enjoy visiting China often and would like to be welcomed back in the future.

I’d agree with that statement. News from China is top dog these days.

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Consumer Brainstorm Dinner: Los Angeles

Just finished up another great consumer brainstorm in Los Angeles this week. This is the second of the year with a group of consumers I’ve been keeping in touch with from a project originating back to last December last year.  Now, I’m not a formal moderator by any stretch of the imagination but I do know how to throw a good dinner party and how to have engaging conversation. In my book, being authentic can get the real truth and insight clients are wanting in this environment to help drive their business.

The cast of consumers were now old friends, this was our second dinner together. More than anything they’ve been impressed by two things:  1) That an actual company has the follow through to continue to build a relationship with them and 2) what they say has real value and impact in helping define future direction.

To date, each dinner usually has about 10-12 participants; an even split between those client-side and consumers. Have you ever tried to control a dinner party? Exactly the point. With a big group any kind of formal discussion guide goes out the window in favor of loose discussion around 3-4 areas of interest. The trick is the side-bar conversations: this is where the magic happens. When clients who are pushing strategy through the pipeline and real live consumers combine forces and engage in a meaningful way there’s nothing better.

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