Kind of like the A-team but without the van

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“When there’s no stranger in the room, the truth comes out.” That is the motto of Hatch.

What’s Hatch, you ask?

Hatch is a new approach to consumer research combining two simple techniques: online community studies and in-person discussions.  We use new tech and old-fashioned personal connection to provide companies with what they need to know now.

We have a handful (make that two handfuls) of Hatch projects under our belt and we can’t wait to do more. Over the last couple of years we’ve been cultivating relationships with responsive and articulate consumers. We believe in going beyond the average two hour focus group and engaging our participants on a personal level. We help our participants feel vested. They’re not just part of a quick research study; they are on a brand journey. Continue reading


Superheroes Management

Who says we don’t need another hero? That’s why I’m really in love with this concept that Superheroes Management has brought to fruition. The founder Jaimeson Keegan has set up a model to merge youth marketing, sports marketing and the subculture into one tidy, flexible and creatively-driven package. They manage superheroes. Here’s what they have to say: Continue reading

Dolf Lundgren Meets the Cloud

6Hard Drive by Phillipe Starck

A limited edition external hard drive?  Storage that’s not a cloud? A portable hard drive with looks to “cut”?Meet Blade Runner.

This new release from Philippe Stark and LaCie is pretty but with all my storage dinosaurs laden about my office and home – Time capsules, LaCie Rugged portables, Western Digital wallets, iClouds, Dropboxs and more – I’m not about to pre-buy this beauty to be the envy of my friends.

Continue reading

China’s Biggest Opportunity and Challenge? The Airplane

It’s really not the food that’s the big challenge, but a country with a hurry-up and build philosophy with little regard for intellectual property rights who is hungrier than heck to crack the aerospace and commercial airline industry. I didn’t even consider the pitfalls of China trying to hijack the industry until I heard about China Airborne by James Fallows. The cultural revolution, mass manufacturing, the migration to jobs, buildings in shambles from poor construction…and now it could all go up in the air? I’m fascinated and ready to read!

From the B&W of the Kindle to Full-on Fashion

Amazon is entering the high-end fashion realm – I’m letting out a muffled hooray on my end. Why? I’m tired of wasting time flinging through the designer flash sale free-for-alls on Gilt where nothing seems to fit me anyway and I’m now dinged return fees of $14.95 per item. I love Nordstrom but lately I’m spending too much time trying to find what might work for my style that is on the higher-end realm of things. What do I want? I want Amazon to give me a Mario’s experiences in service and quality of goods in a pre-selected way that makes me want to update and explore great style but without having to go in-store. Great relationships can be built online – we do it all the time in our immersive Hatch research studies. Why can’t this be done with clothing as well? Establishing a safe, trustworthy working relationship that let’s real life take hold and guide genuine recommendations. Costly service – yes. But really all you have to do is sell me just a few pieces of Rachel Zoe at full price (I actually do like her stuff against all my will!) and a couple pairs of perfect shoes and the service has paid for itself.

Part two of this? Let’s talk more soon about how tough it is as a small retail start up to actually get your product listed on Amazon. Red tape and calls to India galore gave us months of pain and suffering at Longshot Apparel that resulted in shoddy listings of our beautiful product. The high-end product showcase they are talking about will have to be a special ops mission. Go Jeff Bezos!

Drinking Never Gets Old, Even if the Can Is: Churchkey Can Co.

Churchkey Can Co. Flat Top Beer Can from Churchkey Can co. on Vimeo. What is old again. And it is finally available in Portland and Seattle. This beer is darn good and in time for the sunny weather. It was fun working with the Churchkey crew helping them articulate their vision for brand onto and getting it into an action plan. Congrats Ryan, Justin, Adrian, Sean and Lucas for getting making this a reality. It’s worth the effort!