The Forces Behind Local

The local landscape is complex. A mix of factors push and pull to influence how consumers accept, embrace and interact with the “buy local” movement.  In an effort to understand and “dissect” what local represents to consumers we took a look at various cultural, political and economic watershed moments that have had an impact on consumer behavior, identity and attitudes. This is the start of a series of posts on what local means and small things I see living life as normal as well as life as an entrepreneur with money invested in a USA-based business.

The Stage  In a time where politics, the economy and the media orbit outside the consumer’s everyday life—large entities and institutions continue to make unpopular Continue reading

Have You Checked the Label?

ABC continued their year long  Made in America series in Longshot Apparel’s home town of Seattle.  As luck would have it one of our loyal, tall, fit customers, Michael Koch was part of the group of Seattleites the program profiled.  And low and behold he was wearing my favorite shirt in the line–The Black Lawson.  In one of the segments the host of the show asked each family in the neighborhood to scour their homes in an effort to find their favorite Made in America ‘thing.’  The point was to showcase these items to the rapt television audience and to encourage the idea of a Made in America as a way to ignite the local economy. Continue reading