Drinking Never Gets Old, Even if the Can Is: Churchkey Can Co.

Churchkey Can Co. Flat Top Beer Can from Churchkey Can co. on Vimeo.¬†What is old again. And it is finally available in Portland and Seattle. This beer is darn good and in time for the sunny weather. It was fun working with the Churchkey crew helping them articulate their vision for brand onto and getting it into an action plan. Congrats Ryan, Justin, Adrian, Sean and Lucas for getting making this a reality. It’s worth the effort!

When Your Startup is No Longer an Ugly Duckling

Huge relief after last week. But you know what that usually means – the real work has just begun as a startup. We’ve created our third collection of ready-to-wear shirts for tall men since January plus a site makeover. We’ll not a redesign but some seriously stunning photography from Fabio Governato that makes a small startup company look like a million bucks. Fabio led the style-savvy charge on our photo shoot two weeks ago and it really had me and my two Longshot Apparel co-founders wondering how we ever made it this far in our brand infancy without him? Which by the way is completely silly for a company that is nine months old. But finally we have the voice for which we’ve been longingly looking. Continue reading