Travel in Your Own Backyard: Renewing My Love of Portland


Portland is a wonderful place to live. We all know that, right? Karen Brooks just wrote a book calling it The Mighty Gastropolis. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein make fun of it on a regular basis. This city has a lot of awesome happening, but it’s easy to forget that sometimes. All too often I find myself getting caught up in my own little life and not venturing out into the city. I can go for weeks, traveling from home to work and back again without looking up once. The best antidote for this  kind of lethargy? Host visitors! For New Years I got to play tourist with some friends who came to stay with me. There is nothing better to make you crawl out of your routine and look around at the wonderful place we live in than having to

So the best way to fall in love with your own city again? Play tourist.

Step 1: Food of course! This is Portland after all. I started with Broder for brunch. This is my go-to place for brunch, though they serve lunch and dinner as well. I like sitting at the bar because you get to see everything being made. Also, the nice people at Continue reading

Inspired Conversations on Food

Our good friend David Howitt over at The Meriwether Group is going to be featured at the World Food Travel Association‘s FoodWorx Conference in January. This is an exciting event for Portland to be hosting, and we can’t wait to hear what David has to say about “whole brain thinking; the left AND the right, analytics AND artistry, value AND meaning, financial performance AND impact on the world” in his talk entitled Fulfilling Your Journey – The Power of And. We really like the sound of that.

The theme of the conference is The Future of Food, and speakers like Michael Morissey, Director at Food Innovation Center at OSU; Brian David Johnson, Futurist at Intel; and Karen Brooks, Food Editor for Portland Monthly Magazine will be joining David to tackle questions like, How did Portland get its reputation as the country’s foodiest city? How do you create an artisan food business, and How will technology impact food?

Sounds cool, right? We think so.